Online coaching

If you don't have the possibility to come to Spain, or you like to have sessions regularly and from your own home, I offer the possibility to receive online coaching sessions.

Sessions with me are an invitation to build a loving relationship with yourself. I see you as whole and complete. Coaching sessions with me are aimed at letting you experience your own uniqueness. This gives you access to your innate wisdom, makes it easier for you to make good decisions and allows you to shape your life based on self-worth.

In addition, we can look together at the things you feel stuck in or experience as an obstacle. I help you to connect with feelings and emotions that are present in your system. Without judgment, so that you get control over your inner life. In a way that it no longer dominates your life and that you no longer have to avoid it. This is the moment to start living fully, living your qualities.

Examples of goals for which you can contact me:

*  Increasing self-confidence, self-esteem and inner strength

* Increasing autonomy

* Gaining insight into limiting beliefs

* Connecting with feelings and emotions alive in you

* Gaining insight into situations and managing situations

My qualities as a coach:

I can listen well behind the words, which makes it easier for us to get to the core of what matters to you. I have a broad experience in various coaching questions, I offer a safe, professional setting in which you can meet yourself in an authentic way.

A session is 40 euro (approx 1 hour). The sessions are hold via Whats app or Zoom, You only need a phone or computer / laptop and an internet connection. For more info, please contact me here. Sessions are available in English and Dutch.

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