Into your heart

A Way to inner peace, confidence and strength

Welcome to my website. My name is Kim Roswitha.  I work as a coach and facilitate retreats and workshops to let you reconnect with your natural state, your authenticity and with the innate peace and wisdom alive in your own heart. Living from your heart  increases your well-being and self-confidence.

The more real connection you feel within yourself and the more you befriend all different aspects in yourself, the easier your relationships with others blossom and the more you can be for others.

Living in a society where stress often rules, where the world turns fast and can be very demanding, it can be very helpful to have tools available to stay close to yourself and connected with the people you love and care about.

I use different tools in my workshops and retreats like coaching, self-enquiry and equine assisted coaching; music, voice work and singing; meditation and silence; nature and hiking.  


I live  in Southern Spain with my three horses.  There is still plenty of nature here and I experience how nature helps me to stay balanced within myself and to feel the oneness of life and how I am part of life equally with all other living beings. Being surrounded by nature leads as well to humbleness as well to inner strength and wellbeing. The key is always the connection from the heart. I offer here various retreats and activities to have time for yourself, to recharge, to rest , having quality time and to enjoy.

I also offer online coaching / self-enquiry sessions which gives you the possibility to receive support while staying home. Further, once or twice a year I travel to other countries to offer workshops and retreats there.

"You know how to let the sun shine on the difficult places within me. Thank you for that." A. Oudhof, The Netherlands

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